Tips for your cat's new catnip blanket!

Your cat loves their new blanket, and there are a few tricks to keep it that way!

1. When they are done, store it in a safe place

You open up your package from Dad's Kitty Creations, give it to your cat, and they fall in love with it! They roll on it, bite it, carry it around the house, and when theyre done with it they'll walk away. Cat's love catnip, and it's because of their biology. Phermones in the catnip make them feel so good, so playful, and then later, relaxed. There's a lot of science behind it, which is pretty cool, but that's for another day! If you wan't to read more about catnip and how it works, check this out. 

Even though they love the catnip, and they love their new blanket, they will eventually walk away, why? Well because they can only handle so much catnip, before it stops having an effect. This is temporary of course, and in a few hours they will likely be interested again. This little break is a secret to keeping their new blanket exciting! 

Now some cats do love to sleep on their new blanket. This is great! This is because the catnip lulls them to sleep, as it relaxes them. Some cats treat their blanket more like a toy, and it is a clean way to let them roll around on some catnip, or beat-up a catnip toy, without getting catnip everywhere!

When your cat is done we recommend you store it somewhere, where it won't get lost or trampled on. This is an excellent way to keep the blanket novel, and fun. Everyday, every other day, or whenever you want, pull their special blanket out and give them as much time on it as they are interested in. This is the key to keeping their new toy special. This also increases the longevity of the blanket. 

2. When you store it away, try to put in a sealable container!

For this step I recommend a big, ziploc bag of some sort, or even a sealable container. Catnip does not last forever. While your blanket will stay fresh for months, it can last even longer if you take this step. 

My two cats, Witt and Otto, love the blankets. Since they are made in my home, they think every blanket should be theres! I do make them their own special blankets to roll around on. They love the crinkle blankets we sell! When they are done playing with their blanket I store it in a big ziploc bag, and I sprinkle fresh catnip into the bag while storing it. This really keeps the catnip fresh, and really locks in that strong scent. 

Then, when they are ready, go ahead and give them a session with their blanket. They will be just as excited to see it, as they were the day you got it in the mail!

3. The catnip does not last forever, so we do recommend a replacement every once in a while!

Some of you are thinking, of course, they want me to buy more of the blankets. I understand this sentiment! I intentionally keep my blankets at a low, consistent price, allowing the lowest price I can. I factor in the normal cost of cat toys owners usually spend over 6 months, and try to keep my blankets at a lower price than that. These blankets will often become your cat's favorite toy, and by that time, they be more than ready for a replacement! 

To make your next purchase more worthwhile, I include a discount coupon on each packing slip, when I ship your blanket. Just make sure you hang onto it. Many of our customers are return customers, and their cats can't get enough of our handmade catnip blankets!

I really appreciate any purchase you have made. We work really hard, out of our home, to make the best quality cat toys, and blankets we can. Money made through our business is used to help TNR efforts in our area too! We have trapped, fixed and released many cats in our neighborhood, and when you buy our blankets it really helps us in keeping those efforts going. 

Thank you! 


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