When we started Dad's Kitty Creations in 2018, we brought with us nearly 25 years of combined experience in the pet industry. We noticed that people were looking for quality, locally made and handmade catnip toys for their cats. We wanted to create a product that cats loved while also giving their owners the quality they were looking for in a cat toy. 
All of our products are handmade in Michigan by us. We don't outsource any of our process so we can ensure we maintain our quality standards. We specialize in catnip blankets, a gift for your cat that quickly turns into their favorite toy and playmate! Our catnip blankets are hand-stitched using a rectangle of fun cotton fabric on top and connected to soft, fuzzy fleece on the bottom. Inside we only use locally-grown organic catnip that is grown, processed and stored to maintain maximum potency. This blanket serves as both a toy, and a cozy place for your cat to lay. We offer handmade catnip pillows and a catnip blanket filled with crinkle paper for the more adventurous feline!

We have used our nearly 25 years of experience in the pet industry to gain thorough knowledge as to what most cats like in a toy, and how to make those toys stand the test of time, and constant tough love cats give their toys. Dad's Kitty Creations has been sold in Detroit area pet stores and has been a unanimous hit among cats and owners alike. We have been featured in an article by the Detroit News and our business continues to grow. 

Dad's Kitty Creations was founded in 2018 by Jesse Roberts and Alex Eaton. Jesse has spent nearly a decade managing pet stores and is most definitely a cat lover! Growing up, Jesse took sewing lessons for nearly 8 years and put his skills to good use creating the catnip blankets and other toys. They have two children who give Dad's Kitty Creations the "Dad's" namesake.

Alex Eaton started working in the pet industry when she was ten years old and spent the next fifteen years in the industry. She has exceptional knowledge when it comes to all animals, and currently works as a pet nutritionist. Alexandra will be attending veterinary medical school next fall to further her animal knowledge and use her insights to help pet owners in the future. Alex is Jesse's girlfriend and shares the kids with him that give the business it's name!

Our cat toys and blankets are the perfect gift for your cat. These toys are ideal for as a gift for new cat owners, a gift for a new cat, holiday gifts and more. We feel very passionately about your cat, and all felines. Dad's Kitty Creations is actively involved in Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)  in the Detroit Area. TNR is a process that sterilizes feral cats, something that significantly increases the life expectancy of a feral cat, and helps curb the feral cat problem. We donate 10% of all proceeds to TNR efforts, and we personally partake in the process by trapping cats, getting them fixed through local shelters and returning them back to where they live. We actively volunteer our time to work with local shelters and rescues while also providing donations such as food, toys, bedding and more to local rescues. 

We strive to make your cat happy! We love cats and that love is what drives us to give you and your feline the best quality, durable and long-lasting cat toys available. Check out our Etsy reviews where you can see pictures of all our happy cat customers! Check us out on Instagram and Facebook: https://www.instagram.com/dadskittycreations/<br />